COVID-19 is a test run for the climate crisis and so far the USA is still failing with flying red, white & blue as everyone gives up on social distancing, red states lift mask mandates, and approximately 40% of Americans think two little shots are a microchipping conspiracy while they walk around with surveillance devices on them at all times.

This is what happens when you “freedom” so hard that you decide you don’t need to science for decades. When faced with challenges that don’t involve bullying, waving rifles around while screaming “MAH CONSTITUTION” or occupying and drone striking underdeveloped nations, we fold completely.

For a whole year, I’ve watched reactionaries scream about having to put fabric on their faces and not getting to dine-in at Denny’s, and then pat themselves on the back for their own mythical toughness. I’ve watched millions plunge into poverty while the magic stonk line soared from bailouts that could’ve literally ended hunger and homelessness. And I’ve watched nearly everyone except leftists blame socialism when it’s literally late-stage capitalism that is at fault, here.

I’m glad the vaccine is supposedly coming ahead of schedule now but basically everything else was done wrong. I am not even remotely optimistic about what the future has in store, and if you don’t get it, then you simply do not understand climate change and the danger it poses to every country on Earth, on every level, especially this one, and others that refuse to acknowledge its existence.

Short of a massive revolution that I doubt is going to happen any time soon when everyone keeps grabbing low-hanging fruit and yelling at each other over things like the gender of a plastic potato or Lola Bunny’s rack instead of unifying against the ruling class, we need to get every reactionary (blue and red) out of office and get people who respect science and demand social reform in before it’s too late (it probably already is, and our hand will be forced on revolution eventually, but it would happen sooner if the white whale of class solidarity prevailed, which it probably won’t… probably). This servile “moderate” crap is not working. Far-right misinformation is overthrowing the internet, and the draconian “radical centrism” of the social media companies is enabling it. Their numbers are growing. Fascism as a concept is being normalized worldwide at the worst possible time. Everything we are doing (and not doing) is setting us up for dystopian levels of disaster. What is happening in Myanmar (partly facilitated by Facebook over the course of several years) could easily happen here. Anyone who believes in an impending so-called “communist” takeover and not the very real looming threat of a fascist one believes in fairy tales.

But hey, at least we have Biden and two checks totaling $2000, amirite, Jack? This is fine. Surely everything is going to get better, rather than progressively worse, because reasons. Sorry for being “toxic” or a “Debbie Downer” or whatever. Now let’s all get back to pretending we’re OK to “save face” and not “make waves” in this super-duper “free” country we live in, where we’re all angry at and terrified of each other.